EarthSync for Audio beta

System Requirements

To run EarthSync for Audio you need the following:

You also need to have Javascript enabled and some form of listening hardware, such as speakers or headphones. Faster computers are optimal for EarthSync. Javascript is not enabled. This page requires Javascript to function properly.

Setting up your browser to work properly for EarthSync for Audio

When you first load the EarthSync test page in Firefox, you will be asked what you want to do with a file whose name ends in "*.kml". In our example, the file is called "stonybrook.kml". In order for Earthsync for Audio to work, you will need to set Google Earth as the default application for .kml files and tell Firefox to open Google Earth automatically. The dialog box should look similar to the image shown below.

Firefox file action settings

This next step will enhance the performance of Google Earth in synchronizing with the audio files. Open the preferences panel in Google Earth, and select the "Touring" tab. For "Fly-To Speed" put 0.8000 in the field. Again, your settings should look similar to that of the image below.

Google Earth preferences