EarthSync for Audio beta

What is EarthSync?

EarthSync for Audio is designed to allow professors or presenters to synchronize music or audio files to Google Earth. This allows satellite footage of the Earth to be shown while audio is being played. You can pause, rewind and fast-forward the audio track and EarthSync for Audio will ensure that Google Earth stays synchronized with the audio track.

As it turns out, EarthSync is also the name of a world music record label. EarthSync for Audio is not associated in any way to the record label, and is a project for educational purposes.

How do I use an EarthSync for Audio page?

EarthSync requires Google Earth and Mozilla Firefox to run. Firefox is the only browser known and tested on EarthSync for Audio and may not run on other browsers.

EarthSync for Audio requires minimal configuration on the part of the user. View the tutorial for more information on how to set up EarthSync for Audio.

How do I create an EarthSync for Audio page?

Tools are currently under development for such a purpose. Check back periodically for updates.